22 Mistakes 
You May Be Making With 
Your Facebook Marketing

Here’s a quick list of common mistakes you may be making that is sabotaging your Facebook enrolment marketing efforts (in no particular order):

1. Seeing Facebook marketing activities as standalone activities, separate from the rest of marketing activities undertaken by your team. This is OK if you're just starting out with a new channel but once it's working, there are plenty of new opportunities to generate new enquiries through a multi-channel approach.
2. Placing too much focus on creating content and not enough focus on making sure people SEE the content.
3. Missing out on the opportunity to grow your audience from people who engage with your posts and ads.
4. Not setting a testing budget in order to acquire data that will allow you to make decisions regarding targeting, copy and creative based on HARD FACTS instead of blind luck/guessing.

5. Avoiding paid traffic either because you don’t understand it or thinking it’s a waste of money compared to Google or even print ads.
6. Taking your time to install the Facebook Pixel and thinking that you don’t need it since you don’t have plans to place advertisements yet.
7. Setting up Facebook Pixels and other tracking tools wrongly (especially when they do not track any important behaviours or tracking them wrongly).
8. Doing ONE-OFF marketing campaigns instead of building relationships throughout the year (and paying more to generate enrolment enquiries as a result!)
9. Promoting Information Sessions/Open Days (or anything for that matter) without a coherent, multi-phased strategy. Boosting posts ALONE doesn't work.
10. Sending paid traffic to your homepage (instead of a custom landing page or dedicated course page). Applies to 9 in 10 schools I've spoken to.
11. Using Facebook lead ads only, which typically drive very poor quality enquiries.
12. Narcissism: Only talking about your school/course/program.
13. Putting all your eggs on a handful of ad creatives and copy, then concluding that “it doesn’t work”.
14. Trying to target everyone using the SAME ad copy and creative. I know schools that spend 4 figures on 1 or 2 ads without testing in the beginning.
15. Targeting cold traffic with a hard sell.
16. Placing too much emphasis on “targeting” and not putting enough effort into the creative and copy.
17. Using stock images instead of organic photos/videos. A.k.a. “I don’t care how white that stock photo model’s teeth are, I’m going to keep scrolling because it looks fake”.
18. Missing out on testimonials (HUGE!).

19. Missing out on multiple opportunities to truly connect with prospective students (or their parents) post-enquiry.
20. Taking too long to reach out to enquiries (and letting them go “cold”). 15 minutes within office hours, maximum 24 hours.
21. Selling them too soon (especially on Messenger).
22. Making minimal effort to get in touch with people who made enquiries. Giving up after contacting them once (maybe twice).

How many mistakes are you making? 👆

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