"The service and support has been AMAZING!"

Helping Language Schools Enroll More Students With Paid
Stop wasting time and money on ineffective ad campaigns and digital marketers with no industry experience.

My only focus is helping language schools hit their enrollment goals.

Make the most of your ad budget and increase your revenue today.

Helping Language Schools Enroll More Students With Paid Advertising.

Stop wasting time and money on ineffective ad campaigns and digital marketers with no industry experience.

My only focus is helping language schools hit their enrollment goals.

Make the most of your ad budget and increase your revenue today.

Trusted By Top Language Educators Around The World

Every Language School Deserves Results-Driven Marketing

But There's A Problem...

● What you've tried so far hasn't worked

● You're afraid you'll lose money

● You're leaving growth up to chance
● There's information overload

● Nobody has given you a plan 

● You've been burnt by marketers before
“Due to COVID-19, like many other language schools around the world, English School of Canada swiftly moved its curriculum to online. 

With that covered, we had to now find the clients that would take our program which was absolutely inundating even with 18 years of experience of running the marketing team at the school.  

That was until I met Herbert. Working with Herbert over the past 8 months has been an absolute pleasure. With his help, we have been able to successfully reach out to numerous prospective clients which brought us a good percentage of direct registrations from his social media campaigns along with the continuous support of our agent partners. 

The time difference between Toronto and where Herbert is has not affected our communication at all, since we have received all the support we needed, when we needed. “ 
Sooh Park, 
Director of Marketing & Recruitment
English School of Canada
Real Schools. Real Results.
Using targeted Facebook Ads, this language school was able to see a Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) of 12.73x in January 2020. With an ad spend of €2,000 (ca. $2,150USD), we were able to generate direct course enrollments worth over €26,000 (ca. $28,000USD).
This foreign language school was  able to generate over €9,000 (ca. $9,700USD) in enrollments for their online courses (in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis) with €1,573 (ca. $1,700USD) in ad spend, giving a Return On Ad Spend of 576%
Qualified Leads With Predictability.
A LinkedIn campaign for an online English language platform consistently generated warm, qualified B2B leads including an international English school network which turned into a six-figure contract and a partnership with one of the world's largest language school franchises.
Hey there! I'm Herbert.
I run a highly creative Digital Marketing Agency for language schools and education businesses.

And although I'm based in Austria (no, there aren't any kangaroos here), I work with world-class schools around the globe - and I absolutely love it!

You could say I've been around the block, since I had the privilege of working in the language training industry for over 12 years, personally selling over €2M of language courses to corporate clients and managing a teaching team of over 120 language and business trainers in three countries. 

With my signature framework, I now help language schools attract new customers and sell more language courses through paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Co. 

So, let's have a virtual coffee date to identify how I can help you dramatically grow your school.
Your Plan To Succeed
surround your future customers, existing customers and competitors' audiences


Facebook and Instagram Ads are often the most profitable channel for schools due to the enormous volume of potential students spending a huge amount of time on these platforms. 

Moreover, many students make purchase decisions based on research and recommendations they find on Facebook and Instagram.


Are you selling language training to corporate customers?

My done-for-you LinkedIn Lead Generation service helps you reach decision makers at companies. I manage your profile for you and help you generate qualified B2B leads on LinkedIn.


98% of your first time website visitors don't fill out a form, make a phone call, or enroll in a course. That's why a sophisticated re-marketing campaign isn't just a good idea...it's absolutely critical to your school's profitability.


I help analyse your sales funnel (from lead to enrollment) and provide frequent recommendations on how to improve the conversion rates to drive more enrollments through the power of converting existing leads.


"How My Agency Helps Language Schools Get More Leads 
And Grow Enrollments With Paid Advertising"

☑️ What all successful language schools have in common 

☑️ How to drive more traffic and convert more leads for your language school

☑️ How to achieve omnipresence and dominate your market

Respect For Your Money



As your dedicated paid ads strategist, I stand by complete transparency in every aspect of our relationship.

You'll receive 24/7 access to a dynamic Performance Dashboard detailing your campaign performance, so you know exactly what your investment is doing.


I am committed to the success of our partnership.

Which is why we organize regular updates and have an open line of communication to discuss our campaigns, our ongoing strategy and what we can do to continuously improve performance as we progress. 


I am your paid ads specialist with language school expertise, but you know your school better than I do. 

My experience has taught me time and time again that the more we collaborate and involve each other in strategic discussions, the better the campaigns we're developing will ultimately perform.


No fixed agreements. 
No long-term contracts.

Our partnership is on a month-to-month basis, because I know how important it is for you to be flexible and because I am confident in providing you value from day one.
A specialist that knows language schools.
I help language schools just like yours that are:

→ Struggling to hit enrollment goals
→ Paying too much to acquire a student
→ Not using a proven paid ads system
→ Having trouble differentiating from the competition
→ Using a generalist instead of a specialist

Because I focus exclusively on language schools, I can decrease on-boarding time, increase quality leads, and offer innovative solutions tailored just for your school.


My Clients Thrive. You Will Too.

"Herbert approached us in a moment where we were looking for a new social media marketing agency. When we spoke to him he seemed to know his stuff, was very positive and transparent, and was very clear about how things would work based on results. 
Herbert’s method seemed sound and the fact that it was a month to month thing meant that he was confident that things would work out and it meant that it was not a huge risk for us from the beginning. 
We had worked with an agency that promised a lot and then was difficult to work with and results were never clear. Since working with Herbert we've gotten a lot more clarity over campaigns, with updates every week, clear leads and numbers. 
The service and support has been AMAZING! I really appreciate all of his suggestions and feedback, I like his approach and it is clear to me that he has his operational methods very well thought out. 
Herbert is always quick to respond to my questions with detailed responses. Not to mention, always willing to get involved in things that may not be directly related to running the ads campaigns. That being said I think it’s because he knows that the entire selling/marketing/digital ecosystem needs to be functioning for anything to work."
Marielle Poorte, Marketing Manager
Speakeasy Barcelona
How I can help you grow.
Think of me as your external marketing team. A dedicated strategist that works side by side with you to develop a revenue-driven strategy - right down to the individual campaigns. Developing and optimizing every last detail for you. 

You'll soon wonder how you ever survived without it ...

Learning By Doing

Here’s a quick list of common mistakes you may be making that is sabotaging your Facebook enrolment marketing efforts...
Over the last couple of months, I have spoken to dozens of language schools that have spent multiple 4 and 5 figures on digital marketing...
I hear it from language school owners all the time... 😐

"My Facebook Ads aren't working!"...
I speak with language school owners everyday and like any other business, more customers (students) usually means more money...
Ready To Grow Your Language School?
Let's discuss a clear path to revenue.

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