How This Language School 
Spent Over €5,000 On 
Facebook Ads With Zero Results



Or £5,266, according to today’s exchange rate.

No matter what currency you use, that’s the amount that one language school I talked to spent on Facebook Ads in three months.

With ZERO results. 😱

That’s right.

Zero. Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

I’m not gonna lie...

I was also shocked to hear these numbers.

I could feel the pain and frustration in the language school owner’s voice through the phone.

But I had to see it with my own eyes. 👀

So, after gaining access to their ad account, I found a variety of campaigns...

Video ads promoting a brochure or catalogue.
Links to download a slang book.
Free course giveaways.
A download for a visa guide.
Page likes campaigns.

And it was immediately clear to me why they got the results they did. 💡

Unfortunately, stories like these aren’t a rare occurrence.

Nearly everyone I speak to, language school owners and marketing directors alike, have told me about their previous struggles running social media marketing campaigns, whether on their own or through an agency.

Lots of dollars spent, with very little to show for it (i.e. bums on seats!). 🎓

First of all, the above campaigns were either uninspiring and didn’t tap into the DESIRE of wanting to learn a new language, or they just generated a whole lot of unqualified leads with fake email addresses.

The second problem was the data they were using to measure the success of their campaigns.

And believe me. Numbers can be deceiving. 💀

If your main KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is the number of likes, comments, followers, shares or any other "social metric", then you’re in trouble from the get-go.

While a lot of these numbers look good on the surface and can be found in the colourful monthly reports provided to you by agencies, more often than not these don't equate to new enrolments.

Which is the ONLY statistic that actually matters. ☝️

So when you’re brainstorming and planning your next campaigns, focus on the WHY.

WHY are your students taking a language course?

And no, it’s not just because they "want to learn a new language".

There is always a deeper, more meaningful reason. 💫

Whether it be moving to a foreign country to start a new life, conversing with loved ones/family/friends or being able to communicate with international business partners.

Getting this information is like finding gold. 🔑

And if you are able to leverage this in the images and copy you use in your campaigns, you will get more qualified leads and a higher ROI on your ad spend.

Because let’s face it...

No one. And I repeat, NO ONE is waiting in line to download a PDF on how to apply for a visa.😅

If you think your online marketing campaigns need an overhaul, then let's chat!

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