The Secret To 
Profitable Facebook Ads 
For Language Schools

I hear it from language school owners all the time... 😐

"My Facebook Ads aren't working!"

"Facebook Ads are a waste of money."

"We tried Facebook Ads, but they didn’t work."

The fact is, if you're in the B2C market (i.e. selling language courses direct to customers) and you're not using Facebook Ads to increase your course enrolments, then you're missing out on a HUGE opportunity. 💸

So, what is the secret to running profitable, highly-converting ads?

Let me introduce you to the THREE Ms...

The headline and ad copy of your ads plays a crucial role in the success of any ad campaign.

If either of these two don’t resonate with your audience, then your cost per click (CPC) will increase dramatically.

In order to create compelling headlines and ad copy, you need to know your audience.

What are their pains, wishes and desires?
What is important to them and what are they interested in?
What is their current situation?
What is their desired situation?
How can your offer get them to their desired situation?

These are questions that all language school owners MUST have answers to.

And having these answers will allow you to craft an ad that plays to this vital information.

Did you know that Facebook has a bias towards certain objects and settings shown in images and videos?

Most language schools post photos of a background, perhaps a cityscape or even a classroom, and then add a text overlay that states: "Book Now And Save 10%!".

The cold hard truth? ❄

Today’s consumers don’t want to be sold things. They want to find products and services themselves.

Which is why an ad shouldn’t look like an ad. It should look more like a friend’s post.

Try using pictures of real people in real settings. Happy, positive images that aren’t too "photoshopped".

Because at the end of the day, Facebook is a P2P platform and people want to see images of other people.

And get rid of that text! 🚫

Just changing this one thing can result in a sharp increase of your ad performance and lower your costs.

Just like with determining your message, it is absolutely vital that you know who your customers are in order to target the right audience.

What are the most popular websites they visit?
Where do they get their news sources?
Do they read any specific books/magazines/blogs?
Are there any influencers in this niche?

Many people make the mistake of running ads with super-targeted, defined audiences.

Doing this actually decreases your chances of finding the right people because the Facebook algorithm only delivers your ad to less than 5% of that audience.

Which means if you have an audience size of 10,000, your ad will be shown to no more than 500 people. 📉

Ideally, you want to have audience sizes of 100K-500K.

And then let Facebook’s algorithm do its job.

The results?

After applying this exact strategy for a local Spanish school, the following ad was one of many that generated over 3,800€ in sales for only 765€ of ad spend.

That represents a Return On Investment of over 500%! 🔥
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