Why Leads Alone 
Won't Help You Grow 
Your Language School

I speak with language school owners everyday and like any other business, more customers (students) usually means more money.

Language learning is a cut-throat industry with an abundance of players price-dumping and new schools offering cheap (or even free!) online learning alternatives. 🦈

Naturally, language schools owners think, "If I get more leads, I will increase enrolments."

When I first started doing social media marketing and lead generation for language schools, I thought the same thing...

"If I can get more leads on a consistent basis, then language schools will get more students signing up." A win-win scenario. 🏆

It turns out that generating leads alone won't get you more course enrolments...

Example: I had set up a lead generation system for one language school and they just couldn’t convert those enquiries into paying students.

And I thought, "surely the leads must be "bad" or something, what the hell is going on here?"

Then I set up the same system for another school and BOOM! Over 10 new, high-value students that month. 💥

Then I thought, "Why does one school have 10 new enrolments and the other one zero with the same system!?"

That's when I realized that one school had a system in place and the other didn't.

In order to successfully grow your language school, you need a proven system to:

1. Generate high-quality leads through targeted paid and organic marketing campaigns 📥

2. Follow up with those leads ASAP (max. 24 hours). The longer you wait, the less likely they are to respond 🚀

3. Convert prospects into students using a well-defined sales process 💵

4. Have a solid referral and retention strategy 🔗

5. Automate these systems to scale 📈

That was the difference between the language school that got zero new enrolments and the one that signed up 10 new students in a month.

A solid, replicable system. 💪🏼

And the good news is I've gone through the process of figuring it out for you.

If you think that your lead generation could be improved, then schedule a time below so we can have a chat about your situation and how I can help. 🎯

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